The reason I have chosen to write this blog is because of who I used to be, who I have become and who I might be. I am a Tai Chi Teacher, a Reiki practitioner and a student of life; everyday I constantly ask questions and consider through the various disciplines I teach or take part in – “what is the truth of life?” and I would like to share with you the things I experience and discover, so that together we might grow and change. We are all human beings trying to understand life, death and all that is in-between, shall we journey together?

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There have been many moments in my life. Moments that could be seen as bad or good, negative or positive to myself or to others that I have been involved with, but in the end they are moments. Moments of flow and change that as I have come to learn are the wonderful things that have made me who and what I am. We all have them and by heightening our awareness, observing and accepting them we can all find true peace and balance in our lives. Don’t get me wrong I am by no means perfect and have avery long way to go but I try every day to improve who I am, my relationships with others and then to encourage my family, friends and students to do the same.

When I first thought about sharing my life experiences (potentially with the world) I froze a little. I believe that if your going to do this kind of thing you need to share from the deepest part of you, from the truth within. However if we take a look at the deeper meaning of truth it doesn’t necessarily mean “love” and “light” and “good’ things only! It can also mean taking a look at the harder darker side of ourselves in order to first realise where we are at and then create opportunities to make choices and changes to improve who and what we are. In fact realising this, accepting it and having the courage to go through it is an amazing step and one of bravery. This step once taken allows us to move forward, allows us to discover all aspects of the self, the true self and the false self (the ego) and to find the middle way, the path to balance. I am not afraid to share my journey with you as I know that in the end you and I are one. The pangs of awkwardness that might come to me as I write sometimes shall be shrugged off for the greater good.

So each time as you read this blog you may agree or disagree with the things I write and that is fantastic, that is what I want. I want for you to be able to be inspired to look at your own lives, make decisions and changes for yourself and keep on striving along your own path until one day, and I truly believe this will happen, we all converge at a single point and walk on along together.

To you my friends I wish a life of change, growth & happiness.

Who is Ying Yong?

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I am Ying Yong! My english name is Paul Lockyer and as I said earlier one of the things I do is practise and teach Tai Chi. I am a 12th Generation Chen Style Tai Ji Disciple to Grandmaster Gou Kongjie. When I took my Bai Shi ceremony in early 2012 (a traditional ceremony where the Master formally accepts the student as a full time disciple) I received my chinese name “Ying Yong” Ying is part of the word for English and in this instance means just that – english, and Yong is similar to Brave or Strong. So “Strong/Brave English (person)” Always makes me giggle as I am average in height and pretty skinny too! lol! Why not check out my teaching website to learn about my Martial Arts background and the other aspects of our business Natural Elements

Who is Paul Lockyer?

I could write so much here about my background but to be honest I have a tendency to make examples by using my own experiences, what else do I have if I want to be truthful and honest?, so you will get to know me in time. All I will say is that I am fascinated by and dedicated to a spiritual path but I am also very, very grounded and some might say a bit of a paradox! My humour can be naughty, my mood grumpy and my mouth filthy but my heart is open and my mind is clearing! But for the curious amongst you here is a short biog:

  • I was born and bread in the UK. In the top floor, front room of my parents house.
  • Schooled in a fairly standard way, primary school, secondary school (Roman Catholic no less! Ah the guilt, the guilt!)
  • College – Acting Diploma
  • Left that course early to follow the path of Retail and Money. In my wisdom this was the life sure to bring the happiness that my heart required?
  • After meeting my life long partner Martine I found my way out and back to Acting.
  • Off to London! Went to Drama School for three years at a place called “Drama Centre London” Had an incredible time here. Learnt a lot about myself including how big my ego was!DSCF0010
  • During the next ten years or so of auditioning and occasional acting work (occasional but I did get to play some great parts) I did other work which included the following: Are you ready? Big deep breath now!: Children’s entertainer, call centre operator, box office attendant, bar man, front of house usher, video sync person (only lasted two days before my head was ready to explode!), host at various themed restaurants, marketing and advertising monkey for a brilliant company in which the job description was basically dress up, act like a bafoon handing things out at train stations, dress as giant sponge handbag and get a sandwich thrown at you via the face hole (probably shouldn’t have tried to kick him first), but get paid a ridiculous amount of money doing it and getting to work with other out of work actors at the same time. Also this particular company had a question in the interview that basically asked if you minded breaking the law in the name of advertising, occasionally of course, to which of course I answered no and was duly hired! Thank you Ministry for helping me through some financially tough years. On a serious note I also worked as a Resource worker for a foster care company to give respite to foster parents and carers by looking after the young people that were in care. My partner and I also wrote a short play and helped teach them drama for Black History Month. I will never forget those kids. So full of life and love, yet some of them with devastating lives……..I remember one time when we were driving a big group of young people to an event and a little girl in the seat behind was crying as we listened to the Black Eyed Peas “Where is the love?”…… sad. Thank you FCA for the opportunity to see that my life was no more important than any other….
  • Martial Arts & A Change of Direction – Also during these 10 years as described above I began learning Martial Arts and predominantly Tai Chi (see the link in the above section “Who is Ying Yong?”) This then began to take over my life. The principles and philosophies absorbed into my very being and I was to change forever.
  • Left London to return home. Now have my own business and school Natural Elements and our Natural Elements Acupuncture & Tui Na Clinic run by my partner Martine Niven

The rest is not history as it is only just beginning, as we take each moment, grow and build toward an inspirational, peaceful and balanced future……….